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"I AM" Collection is special to me

Updated: Oct 24, 2021

From childhood to adulthood, there has always been a fur child running around our house.

Most people would say, "that dog is very lucky to have a great family to live with," but, in reality, we were the ones who were blessed to have such a gift from God.

These beautiful creatures bring so much love and devotion to our lives, I just can't fathom not having a furry companion part of my existence.

Two years ago, we had to say goodbye to Bridgette. We rescued her in 2011 from a woman who was ready to surrender her to the pound for no reason. Bridgette was 11 and still had the attitude and energy of a 3 year old. She was loving, intelligent, playful, sensitive and very devoted to us. In 2019, Bridgette developed bone cancer that quickly spread to her shoulders. Her quality of life rapidly became worse and we had to make the hardest decision of our lives and say goodbye to our soul, our child, our best friend.

We miss her every day and it took us nearly two years to bring ourselves to adopt a new

fur child who would desperately need our love. We put our selfishness aside and adopted Oreo. Oh, how we had forgotten the love and craziness that could permeate our lives!

My new collection called "I AM" represents our fur children and the strong characteristics they possess. This collection focuses on our dogs, however, I am working on a collection for our sweet felines and I am very excited about it.

"I AM" Collection - Golden Retriever

My sole purpose in the "I AM" collection was to focus on the face, enhancing the eyes and expression, while softening the body. Your eyes are drawn right to their expression, as if to say, "I love you!"

I truly hope you enjoy this collection. Every purchase made will donate $1 to the ASPCA to further the care for our furry friends and find a home for them all.

This collection is dedicated to my Bridgette; My soul, my best friend, and the greatest gift from God. Is it any wonder that GOD spelled backwards is........



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